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Nubian Unity Foundation was started in 2010 by Cornelia Belcher. It started with helping people in her community solve day to day problems that we all have come to face at some point in our lives. Rather she was babysitting so a parent could get to work to providing meals, clothing, a ride or sharing her natural hair & health care remedies and arts & craft skills to all in need or wanting to learn a skill or in need of advice. If someone had a problem and needed help she was always eager to assist and if she couldn't she would have helpful resource information to get you in the right direction. The organization was founded in February 2018 with the intent to help the youth and their families, individuals with disabilities, as well as those affected by poverty to have a place in the community where people could get the skills along with the resources to overcome and be at peace with self and the challenges from every day living.

We aim to help all in need when they have no choice but to seek help from others. When others share our vision and help us complete our mission paying it forward will continue to us unite. Helping those in the community with basic needs assistance is important we must invest in each other to insure a better future for generations to come. It is also just as important to Educate, Motivate and Empower our youth. Our children need positive encouragement and role models. A place to be able to express their feelings to people who really do care about the well being of others a place full of enlightenment, Love and Hope. 

These types of  self less actions are critical to stopping the deterioration of our society. With the strengthening of our community we can and will overcome these challenges and RISE in UNITY.

NUBIAN UNITY  means  I, Cornelia  (myself) choose UNITY and if you choose Unity I consider you my Brother or Sister.

                                          Cornelia ButterFly

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