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Nubian Unity Foundation is here to better the community with everyone in mind. We have several programs in place to help the entire family. We offer  a Unity Club membership that provides members with Food & Hygiene products, Clothing, Resources, Transportation Assistance, Educational Skills Workshops and many more. These services are offered on a monthly basis to help overcome some of the problems we face in our daily living that most are unable to provide for themselves and or their family. We also take in account that most members of the community have beloved pets they consider family and offer them food and supplies as well. The Unity Club is a low-income community program that benefits our brother's and sister's that need a little extra help to get through the month. This program is not intended to replace any public or government assistance already received but a stepping stone to self proficiency. 

We understand that we can only help those that want to help themselves. We want to help as many families and individuals that are ready and willing to take those necessary steps. With the many programs, services, workshops and helpful resource information we are sure that the community and our members can begin to take control and strive. We currently provide services in Denver and Arapahoe county. We are looking to put a Big dent in our community when it comes to poverty, hunger and lack of education or skill. Our overall goal is to make sure that NO Brother, Sister or Child  has to go to sleep hungry or stressed by providing the resources to maintain a more comfortable and productive way of LIFE.

Nubian Unity Foundation is a nonprofit organization registered and in good standing with the State of Colorado. While we work to obtain 501(c)(3) tax exemption status your donation is  NOT tax-deductible. We appreciate each donation given during this process.

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