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Your donation no matter the amount  ensures a child living in poverty has access to Food, Clothing, Educational Workshops and Community Events. Like our Weekend Backpack & Field  Trip program which provides a backpack filled with healthy snacks and foods to overcome hunger over the weekend and gives kids an opportunity to participate in all expense paid trips to the Denver Zoo museums, movie theaters, skating rink and other cultural hotspots. Our Tot Club that provides children ages 0-24 months with diapers and baby care items, one of our many skill classes that teach basic skills cooking, how to change a tire, balance a check book or CPR. You can be certain that you are making a difference and changing a child's life. Those small donations make a Huge impact.



We are always looking for volunteers who can provide educational life skills training courses to the youth and adults in the community. We encourage those that want to share their skills and hobbies to join us in our community gathering with their thoughts and views on how we can all help better the community. When our volunteers have completed 160 hrs we in return so our appreciation by giving a certificate and gift.  


Every dollar donated helps us sustain and expand our services to the community. It allows those that can't afford to pay for education and more than often food and basic need items to have a place to turn to in time of need a place where no judgement is placed only solutions. We offer a Food Box programs that provides meals according to family size. Paw Club that provides food for pets as well as a Sponsorship program that offers small financial assistance for hardship when fund are available. Transportation help Bus Pass or Gas card. We also  provide many Training Workshops that teach much needed life skills to excel in life. Together We can make a difference and witness the transformation in the community and so many lives.






Lend a helping hand to help make sure that we are able to continue to support the members in the community that utilize our services. Even a small donation helps improve the lives of those in need. Those small deeds help the community in a BIG way.



With such a small investment you get a big return funders can be confident that their support will continue past the life of  our services as this is not a business deal or a donation but a investment into the community. Not only do we appreciate your support but we give public recognition for your contribution and belief in our mission. 


Nubian Unity Foundation is a nonprofit organization registered and in good standing with the State of Colorado. While we work to obtain 501(c)(3) tax exemption status your donation is  NOT tax-deductible. We appreciate each donation given during this process.

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