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(1)Candle (1) 1dram vial of Custom Spiritual Abundance Mix (1)Money Soap Bar Jar in photo not included 🥜 Abundance Peanut Mix Don’t let the name fool you for this is no ordinary peanut mix in fact it doesn’t contain a drop of peanut in it .This potent Abundance Money Prosperity Wealth Success Luck Good health Mix is a 18•6•9•1•2•2•2 powerful herbal Selenite packed mix it’s only takes a few drops to get your intentions recieved & reciprocated. Peanuts are symbolic of prosperity, wealth, the stability of life, Fortune, benevolence, and empowerment: Seeing peanuts in your dreams, being given them, or growing them, is a strong representation of this omen/interpretation. Peanuts are a sign of blessed times. As a time of worry falls behind and a new era of happiness anew steps forward for you. (18)herbs (6)incense (9) oils (1)salt(2)fresh plants (2)waters (2) stones & crystals Green candles symbolize productivity on earth, health, good luck, abundance, and generosity. Green influences affection, and it’s connected with a red color, that’s used to invoke passionate and lustful love. Green instead influences romantic and stable love. In addition to invoking love and hope, they help us relax and stimulate the mind. They’re all about positivism and rejuvenation. This color is associated with growth – from harvest to fertility – it’s a color of success. It represents Earth magick and it’s used to represent the Earth element. It also influences other parts of life, such as justice, youth, friendships, and treasure. You can also use it if you feel out of control or you feel like you can’t control your anger. It can be used to relieve stress, impatience, or resentment as well. Because it’s a fairy color, they’re incredibly effective in rituals and spells for luck. It’s great in combination with brown, for talking with spirits of nature. It’s also a very useful color for herbal witches, because it’s connected with garden fairies. Green is also the color of vegetation. Quick facts about green candles: Green candles are also used for new projects, for personal growth, and wealth-building spells, as they strengthen self-esteem and self-realization that allows us to attract abundance and overcome personal issues. When we’re talking about health, they’re commonly used in health spells, because this color has strong anti-inflammatory properties. They’re also used to calm tensions and anxiety. Jackpot money soap- This classic staple in any toolkit is the Money Jackpot soap. With a spicy scent with hints of cinnamon, this money jackpot soap is meant to add more intention to your monetary goals, add some extra luck and help attract in that money & honey. It draws abundance to you from all sources

🥜Abundance Kit

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