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Bay leaf Stick 

(1) Smudge stick 4inch

Bay leaves have an elaborate history dating back thousands of years and were used for their health benefits by the ancient Greeks and Romans.
In addition to its historical and culinary uses, the bay leaf has also been held as a sacred tool for cleansing one’s space and alleviating stress, anxiety, and unpleasant energy. Ancient temples routinely burned bay leaves to clear the space and heighten one’s intuitive powers, and today the practice of burning bay leaves in one’s home is resurfacing in practice.

Bay leaves can be used to induce prophetic dreams, ward off negativity or negative energy, increase psychic powers, water purification in ceremonies, love magic, success, banishing and healing.

One of my favorite ways to use Bay leaves is by writing down something you want to manifest or get rid of, then burn the leaf in a fireproof bowl during a spiritual ceremony! The bay leaf assists in wish making, prayer and meditation.
*Do not leave burning leaves unattended, and make sure the embers are completely out.

Bay leaf Smudge Stick

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