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Pendulum - Meditation - Divination - Embody - Manifest- Altar Tool - Energy Tool- Protection These bead strands are perfect tools to add to your altar and energetic practice. You can use it as a Pendulum , hold it during meditation , carry on person for protection and positive energy these beads have a variety of uses. Plus they are hand made and can be Blessed with intentions set and charged to each individual. Please schedule a consultation for this service. Additional fee will apply. ☽✪☾ This item is hand crafted to order using sacred spiritual energy protected by NeterNeteru Please allow 3 to 5 days processing for cleansing, intention setting and charging ☽✪☾Hand made and Blessed by NeterNeteruAten Nefertiti 🦋 I NeterNeteruAten Nefertiti prepare beads customized for my clients to reverse the negativity or alter the energy around them. The beads can be anointed with oils, herbs, special prayers and spells along with spiritual energy.

Altar Blessed Beads

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