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Whats Included:


21pc Chakra visual mini cards

8pc chakra affrimation card set

2pc Chakra Meanings Poster

1pc Sigil Poster

1 Variety pack 7 Chakras incense Bricks

7pc Chakra Balancing Oils

Instructions included



How to use Chakra Cards & Sigils

1. Clear your mind & Cleanse space and cards

2. Briefly touch and visualize all cards to introduce your own energy to them.

3. Ask a question Example: Which chakra is blocked? Which chakra should I work on today?

4. Shuffle or mix up cards while saying a prayer. Source Spirit Guides & Ancestors I ask that you help me see hear and feel your divine message and receive with clarity and understanding. I ask that this card reading bring Peace Blessings & Harmony to all.

5. Choose desired card or cards.

6. Read Chakra information and follow Chakra Sigil Mindfulness.


Visualize the sigil in your mind, think about the intent of your sigil. Draw your sigil on your body with your favorite Sacred Body Oil. Draw sigils on pulse points and let the natural flow of blood through the body charge the sigil. Draw with Body Oil 3X a day to intensify.

Another idea is tracing the design with the index finger of your dominant hand, this method you can channel energy into it from yourself or drawing it in from external sources. Even washing the sigil away can charge it - destruction methods still apply. Use charged water (like moon water) for an added boost.

Sacred Body Oil - Natural Blessed Charged herbal blends



Chakra Healing Kit

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