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Quartz Crystal Tuning Fork $300 plus $30 shipping & Handling.

The quartz crystal tuning fork is one of the most powerful sound healing tools I have ever used. It combines the healing qualities of a Quartzophone lyre or crystal singing bowl with the intense focus of a tuning fork. It has the strong vibration of a weighted tuning fork but the energy healing qualities of an unweighted tuning fork. You would not need to place the quartz crystal tuning fork on the body like a weighted tuning fork, the vibration is so strong that it can be felt when placed around the body.

The quartz tuning forks available have been used for workshops only. They were made by Crystal Tones. They are exceptional tools recommended for practitioners or those who do sound therapy for themselves or others.

* Length: 16"

* Note: C

* Chakra: Root

Because of the deep discount of the Quartz Crystal Tuning Fork there is a no return policy. Sale of this item is final.

Crystal tuning forks can be used for activating crystals with sound. It is also useful for clearing and activating physical and etheric crystals within the human energy fields.

Benefits include:�-Clear crystals of any negative or unwanted energies�-Amplify the energies of crystals�-Spiritual insights and experiences�-Enhances connection to universal energy

Crystal Tuning Fork (Root Chakra)

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