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🥜 Custom Spiritual Abundance Peanut Mix 
Don’t let the name fool you for this is no ordinary peanut mix in fact it doesn’t contain a drop of peanut in it .This potent Abundance Money Prosperity Wealth Success Luck Good health Mix is a
18•6•9•1•2•2•2 powerful herbal Selenite packed mix it’s only takes a few drops to add a few drops to  Candles ,Ancestor Money, Abundance Check or Petitions to get your intentions heard. Peanuts are symbolic of prosperity, wealth, the stability of life, Fortune, benevolence, and empowerment: Seeing peanuts in your dreams, being given them, or growing them, is a strong representation of this omen/interpretation. Peanuts are a sign of blessed times. As a time of worry falls behind and a new era of happiness anew steps forward for you.
(18)herbs (6)incense (9) oils (1)salt(2)fresh plants (2)waters (2) stones & crystals
Hand made

Custom Spiritual 🥜Abundance Mix

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