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MerKaBa Chakra Balancing Healing Tool & Pendulum $10. Lapis lazuli & Amethyst

Merkaba is an energy that was used by the ancient Egyptians. It is said to help with traveling between dimensions and helps connect with the energy of the universe.

Merkaba is actually broken down from three words in the Ancient Egyptian language; "mer" means light, "ka" means spirit, and "ba" means body.

Merkaba Sacred Geometry symbolizes the unity of opposites. It marries light and dark, masculine and feminine energy, the material world, and the spiritual realm.

Because it includes tetrahedron pyramid shapes, it represents fire elements and is associated with igniting our inner flame or light of life.

Because it has the power to remove energetic blockages, Merkaba can help us recognize and then release limiting conscious and unconscious beliefs that hold us back in life.

It does so by awakening us to our power, helping us release fear, doubt, worry, and self-deprecating thoughts, and replacing them with pure light and positivity. Merkaba sacred geometry can activate and unblock chakras and can be used both for single chakra work or for balancing all chakras.

MerKaBa Healing Tool & Pendulum

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