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(1)Handmade Mummy Bag with powerful tools for ritual need


A Mummy Bag is a fabric-wrapped personal charm which can contain a variety of magically potent ingredients - herbs, roots, bones, stones and other powerful items.


In New Orleans, we use Gris Gris Bags to assist us with drawing Love, Health, Good Luck, Protection, and a variety of other positive influences.

While the creation and carrying of Gris Gris is definitively traced back to West Africa, where it continues today, its usage is also prominent here in the American South. The specific rituals, prayers & ingredients involved in creating a Gris Gris vary from region to region.


Nefertiti hand mixes herbs & oils and chooses other items/tools that correspond Spiritually with the specific purpose of each Mummy Bag.


Nefertiti prays/ meditates over the ingredients and tie them into bags, using the fabric color which aligns with that purpose.

A Mummy Bag should be carried or worn by its recipient. Many say that a person should never open their bag, or let others touch it. The idea is that the power will "spill out" if the bag is opened, and that another person may put the wrong influence into the bag by touching a mummy bag that isn't their own.


To keep the bag “charged,” it should be meditated/focused with regularly and re-anointed with the appropriate Blessed Water,Potion, Oil, perfume, or your breath from time to time. This continues to empower your bag and broadcast your desires 24/7, assisting you in manifesting your goals.

Mummy Bag

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