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Om Tiger Eye Amulet necklace $10 each

The Om symbol represents the syllable known as the mystic syllable in Hinduism and Buddhism. It’s used when meditating, praying, chanting and as a representation of yoga.

The Om utterance is essentially a sound that consists of three syllables (a-u-m) that are said to represent a number of complex concepts. The Om syllable is to sound as the Flower of Life is to images. The symbol that we recognize as om is the written representation of the sound.

1. Om symbolizes all creation and includes the three stages universal to all life – birth, life and death.

2. Om represents intuition and knowledge, as it’s connected to the Third Eye in the Chakra system.

3. Om represents a sacred trinity, just as many other religions do. When you say the sound Om, it might sound like one unbroken sound but is in fact made up of 3 separate syllables. These three sounds can represent a variety of different aspects, among them:

• It represents the harmonious union of spirit, body and mind

• Heaven, earth and the underworld

• Hindu gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva

OM TigerEye Amulet Necklace

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