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Health & Wellness Services 

  Holistic Wellness Services:
         Kemetic Yoga
     Womb Healing Education
       Spiritual Guidance 
        Chakra Balancing
   Diet, Nutrition, Physical       and Mental Purification             & Meditation.

   Youth Day Services

  Behavioral Services
  Caregiver Education 
     Life Skills
  Self Care Services
    Youth Full Day           Instruction
   Group & Individual       Learning Plans
 Mentorship & Guidance

Become A Sponsor

This program provides small financial assistance to help pay a bill, monthly RTD  pass, unity club fee, minor car repair and other hardships that happen beyond control. This program also has a positive side and allows for new clothing and shoes for school, interviews, jobs as well as athletic sports. This program is only open when funds are available and approval is not always  guaranteed.
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