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Main Ingredients: Oregano Astralagus Ginger Pau D’Arco and other beneficial herbs.

Natural antibiotic herbs that may help fight all kinds of infections that require antibiotics such as Strep throat, staph infection, Salmonella, tuberculosis, E. coli, vaginitis, canker sores, eye infections etc. Also help fight bacteria that leads to infection and enhances the immune system.

Gargle to help reduce pain & inflammation with tonsillitis & laryngitis


  • No Refunds or Returns. Returns are only allowed if wrong product was sent and safety label is not broken or removed.

  • 1 teaspoon of herbs per 8oz of boiling spring water in glass container (Please Do Not Use Plastic). Steep for 10mins & Strain . For best results drink at room temperature. Do Not drink hot or cold.

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